People First of Missouri

write: PO Box 30142
Kansas City, Missouri 64112

call: (800)  558-8652 (toll free)


About People First of Missouri

Our Mission

People First of Missouri is a statewide organization that promotes equality for people with disabilities so they can live the life they want in the community.  People First members:

  • Teach and empower people to understand their rights and responsibilities and to speak up for themselves (self-advocacy);
  • Stand up for one another to help people live the life they want with the supports they need (advocacy for one another);
  • Advocate for community services that allow people to have choices and control over their supports and lives (advocacy at the systems level);
  • Create change in communities to ensure opportunity and full, meaningful participation for all people (advocacy within the community).

People First of Missouri Core Values

Pride: All people are allowed to feel good about themselves and their abilities.
Equality: All people have equal rights.
Opportunity: All people deserve opportunities to live productive and happy lives.
Power to Choose: All people should have choices about their services/supports.
Leadership: People with disabilities can be leaders for change.
Educate: People with disabilities can educate others about their ability and right to belong.

Freedom: All people are entitled to freedom.
Inclusive Communities: All people have the right to be part of their communities.
Respect: All people deserve respect.
Self-determination: All people deserve to live their own lives.
Taking Responsibility: All people should be responsible for their own actions.


Supporters of Self Advocacy in Missouri

Without the support of others, People First of Missouri would not be as strong it is today.

People First of Missouri receives technical assistance and administrative support from the

Financial support from the

Support also comes from the

Local self-advocacy chapters also receive support from disability providers and senate bill 40 board organizations.


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